15 reasons to visit Medvedgrad



Still not sure if a visit to Medvedgrad is really worth it?


The slopes of Medvednica are hiding plenty of interesting attractions. From attractive plant and animal species to the medieval fortress and a mine and cave, Medvednica really can be the perfect place for a trip – or an escape from the daily grind.

If you’re still considering if a visit to Medvedgrad is really worth your while – stop postponing and embark on an interesting adventure. Below you will find 15 reasons to visit Medvednica and Medvedgrad.

#1 Lots of green and beautiful nature

The lush forests of the Medvednica Nature Park will improve your mood. If you’re looking for a break from your routine and a place to relax – be sure to visit the Medvednica Nature Park.


#2 Numerous plant and animal species

Medvednica is a natural pearl of central Croatia. Various plant and animal species inhabit its area. Learn all kinds of info about the life of Medvednica.

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#3 More than 70 interconnected hiking trails

Hiking in Medvednica is really fun and challenging as you can use more than 70 maintained hiking trails. Medvednica is the link between the Zagreb and Zagorje region – and you can experience it all while hiking.


#4 Ride your bike in the fresh air

With more than 100 kilometers of cycling paths, Medvednica is a great place for all cycling enthusiasts. If you’re not confident in you fitness level, you can rent an electric bike in Medvedgrad.

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#5 Find silver in the Zrinski Mine

In the olden days, miners used to mine silver in Medvednica’s mine. Today, the Zrinski Mine is out of commission, but it’s open to visitors who want to explore mining.


#6 Explore the underworld – visit the Veternica Cave

In the past, the Veternica Cave used to be home to a great number of extinct animal species. Today, 18 species of bats have been recorded in the cave. It can be visited outside of the winter months.

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#7 Hear the mysterious tales of Medvedgrad

Medvedgrad is a very interesting fortress and it has never been conquered. The reason for this lies in horrible stories that have cemented Medvedgrad’s reputation as a haunted town in history. Find out why.


#8 Enjoy interesting events

Several times a year, various parts of Medvednica become a venue for exciting events. The idea behind ​​these events is to illustrate the medieval lifestyle for visitors and bring them closer to Medvednica’s natural world.

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#9 Exciting history of Medvedgrad

Medvedgrad was built in 1254 and is one of the largest Croatian noble courts. Throughout the history, it was ruled by over 150 masters. Visit Medvedgrad and explore its rich history.


#10 Get to know Medvednica without too much walking

Medvednica is very big and it takes a lot of walking to fully explore it. If you don’t have time for long walks, you can learn all Medvednica’s secrets at educational exhibitions held in Medvedgrad.

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#11 Interactive courses for kids

Medvednica and Medvedgrad host various courses for kids. The aim of these courses is to awaken the kids’ interest in exploring the outdoors and to foster reflection on the protection of plants and animals.


#12  A great family getaway

Medvednica is a great choice when planning a family outing. Plenty of interesting content, fresh air, forests, and exciting courses – a great weekend getaway solution.

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#13 Attractions open every day

Many visitors visit the Medvednica Park not only during the weekend but also during the week days. We have adjusted our staff working hours accordingly, so feel free to contact us and book you visit from the options we offer, at your own convenience. 


#14 A green oasis near Zagreb

The Medvednica Nature Park is just a few kilometers away from Zagreb, the Croatian capital. If you’re in Zagreb, we warmly recommend visiting Medvednica and Medvedgrad, too.

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#15 Low ticket prices

If you want to explore some of the many attractions of Medvednica and Medvednica, you don’t have to worry about your budget. The prices of our tickets are tailored to everyone – they are truly affordable.

As part of your visit, we offer expert guides who can tell you everything you might want to know. This lets you learn more about the attractions of Medvednica and gain a historical insight into the intrigues of the past.


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